One thing I’ve been doing as a part of my research into #OSINT as a future occupation is to scope out who is hiring, look up the company’s website and their employees LinkedIn pages to see what experience they have.

I don’t use a sock-puppet account for this, though I do have one. I actually want people to see me looking because when I start applying for jobs, I want my name to stick out. Also, I’m learning a lot about the OSINT job market by what these companies do on a day to day basis, and eventually I hope to make more contacts that can help with that.

About the employees that I look up, I do not dig into their history outside of LinkedIn. I just want to see what certifications, work history, and other training that they have that I might need to dig into myself. What I’ve found is that many people do not have a ton of certifications listed. Some have degrees is CompSci, but not a lot. Several have military backgrounds and I can see where that would be a big plus to an employer. However, there also seems to be a lot of people working is OSINT that came from regular jobs and then found there way into OSINT.

That’s good news to me being that I’m a Linux trainer/admin who wants a new career.